Your Job

On the day of the event we will provide you with a Legal List on which will be listed all the establishments in your city that have legally purchased the event. We ask you to visit as many bars, restaurants, clubs as you can during the approximately 4 hours that the telecast is being broadcast. We do not tell you where to go. That is up to you. We leave that up to your local expertise as to where you feel the most productive areas for piracy would be.

You will be looking for locations that will be showing the event, but are NOT Listed on the Legal list you will be working with. When you find an establishment showing the monitored telecast and they are NOT on the legal list then you will have made a hit and found a pirate location. For each pirate location you find (and you will find them) you will get a substantial fee.

There is no enforcement action of any kind required. We refer to our people as auditors because all we do is observe and take notes. Your work is completely undercover. We will simply ask you to submit an affidavit with some basic information such as name, address, and zip code of the location, what time you were there, what was on the screen, when you were there, etc. (See sample affidavit)

We pay a substantial fee for each affidavit submitted. We provide coverage in all 50 states plus Canada** and Puerto Rico** (** Not included for all events). The only requirement is that you be either A licensed Private Investigator or working under a Licensed agency. Our Auditors CAN and DO make Hundreds of Dollars per event. MANY WILL MAKE A THOUSAND AND OVER, AND SO CAN YOU!!!