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June 24th, 2017: Bellator MMA

The documentation required to be submitted consists of the following:
â–ªAuditors Agreement
â–ªQty 1 – Video on CD or DVD (only 1 video per disk) Acceptable formats are as follows: .mov, .qt, .wma, .wmv, .mpg
â–ªQty 4 – Printed photos showing the outside of the hit location. NOTE: Photos must be four different views of the outside of the establishment.  Do not send copies of the same photo.

  • Panoramic shot
  • Front Door shot
  • Front Roof line
  • Rear or Side Roof line

The photos must be printed and the videos must be on a disk in order to transfer to the attorneys. If you are unable to provide printed photos and/or burned disc, you can send them to us electronically and we will have them processed with the cost being deducted from your payout. The cost is $1 per photo and $5 per disc.

To transfer files to us:
â–ªLog on to Dropbox (You will have to set up a free account if you don't already have one)
â–ªUpload your photos and/or video to your account and share them with us using the following email address

This is the MONEY document!  This document is the point of the whole exercise. Please be sure to refer to the sample affidavit for help on this document.

This is the supporting document for the affidavit. It calls for more detailed information that is included in the affidavit.

This is simply a document that states you are working as an independent contractor and as such we will not withhold any taxes from your earnings.

Individual Auditors:
If submitting for your hits, you will need ONE Agreement for the event.

Regional and State Coordinators:
If we are paying members of your group directly, then each auditor needs to submit one agreement.
If we are paying you and you then pay your group, then we do NOT need Agreements from each auditor – only one from you.

We only need one Agreement from someone authorized to sign on behalf of the agency.