Audit Masters is looking for Licensed Private Investigators all over the United States (Every State, Every Zip Code). If you’re interested, you should look through our PRESENTATION that tells you everything you’ll need to know about the job. Once you’ve worked through the presentation, submit your application below.

ONLY Licensed Investigators or Licensed Investigative Agencies contracted for the job. Sorry, absolutely no exceptions.

Audit Masters will provide auditors a Legal List of all commercial locations that have legally purchased the pay-per-view event. Your job is to identify establishments showing the event during the hours of the telecast that are NOT on this list. No enforcement action of any kind is required. Our job is covert which means we simply observe and take notes. For each unauthorized location you identify and submit a Notarized affidavit that includes four separate photos of the establishments exterior and a one minute covert video from inside the location. Audit Masters will pay $250 on the bounty. NO HITS, NO PAY. Payment disbursement is approximately six to eight weeks after receipt of required documentation for each establishment.