o Time management key
Understand that we only have a short 4 hour window of opportunity to work with. There are a few simple
things you can do to help you maximize your efforts for the night. Get a driver. If you have a driver you
will double the amount of locations you can check. Double the locations checked = higher hit rates.
Get a rhythm entering and exiting checked locations: a quick look around, scope out the TVs, once you determine that the location is not a pirate get out and get on to the next one. You should not have to spend more than a couple of minutes in a location that is not stealing the signal. If you get stopped and asked “can I help you,”simply say, “I was looking to see if you guys were showing the fight, I am trying to find a location before it gets too late.” At a hit location get the needed info. This should not take you more than 6 – 8 Minutes inside the location. Gather your data, call it in, get your notes, get out, go find the next pirate. Please refer to sample affidavit attached to see what information that you should be gathering.

o Pre plan key
Plan your route. You should start with the areas with the highest concentration of likely targets early in the night and work your way to the leaner areas later in the
night. On the Saturday of the event, make pretext calls to likely locations in your grid. They can be as simple as, “Hey – I am looking for a place to see the fight tonight, you guys showing it?” If not, ask if they know of anyone else showing the event. Compare the yes responses to your legal list. It’s not unusual for our Auditors to be sitting at a pirate location they got this way at the start of the telecast, and a few minutes later they are walking out the door with their 1st hit under
their belts.
o Social media key
Use Facebook, Twitter, and sports blogs for the local or state pro or colligate teams. Simply post “hey – I am looking for a place to go see the fight, any suggestions?”
You will get feedback, most of it will be for legit locations, but you will also get some pirate locations this way.

o Leverage your opportunity key
Set up a bird-dog program, tell your friends or relatives, “If you are out and about on Saturday, and you see a location advertising or showing the fight, call or text
me with the name, if it is a hit for me, I will give you $25.00.”

o Know your Ethnic demographics key
This applies to all parts of the country. You should go to and see if there are any Filipino restaurants in your grid. If so, do not overlook them. Other  mustchecks’ in all parts of the country are Mexican Restaurants and Taquerias.

o Know your pirate profile key
Topless clubs, local sports bars, night clubs, & taverns’ restaurants.

o Be prepared Key
If possible you should have at least $40.00 on you. Some pirate locations will have a door fee. You will get reimbursed for all door fees paid at pirate locations.

o Stay current and aware key
We will be Tweeting live the progress of the fights during the telecast at @amfightslive.