What are my first steps?


If you have not yet done so, we recommend that you view our presentation. Here you will be provided with an overview of what the job is and how to do the job. see Presentation >>


We ask that you familiarize yourself with the required forms that you will be using BEFORE you start your job

The most important form is the AFFIDAVIT.  This is the money document!  You will be providing detailed information about the Pirate location such as the following:

  • Name and Address of pirate location
  • What time you were at the establishment
  • What you observed on the TV/monitors
  • A brief description of the interior and an employee


We also recommend that you get familiar with our tips and suggestions that we provide. This will ABSOLUTELY help your chances to increase your income on fight night.

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When will you contact me again?

You can expect to start getting correspondence from us approximately 7 to 10 days prior to the event.

The first email will be one that will give you updates on the event itself and any new pertinent information.

It will also ask you to please advise us if your plans have changed re providing coverage (if they have not, no need to respond). If you are NOT going to be able to provide the coverage, we ask for your professional consideration to other Auditors who may be waitlisted for your area. Simply advise us that your plans now preclude you from working that night.

In a separate email during that time period you will also receive the forms that we use for every event.

Very early in the morning of the fight you will get the Initial Legal List. Up to an hour before the event you will receive the Supplemental Legal List. Both of these lists MUST be combined and will indicate the list of all of the establishments in the Nation who have legally purchased the event. These combined lists allows you to Identify a location as being LEGAL or a PIRATE. If a location is showing the fight and they are ON the Legal Lists, they are LEGAL. If they are showing the fight and are NOT on these lists, they are a pirate, they are showing the event illegally and is a hit for you.

The Legal Lists will be distributed in PDF or Word Format

A recap of the program:

We will give you a Legal List of all establishments in your area that have properly purchased the event

You will go out and find Pirates (establishments showing the signal and are NOT listed on the Legal List)

You will submit the required documentation that will detail your observations

We will pay you $250.00 for each valid affidavit submitted


Once again, welcome aboard your network good luck and happy hunting