I have been working with Dee for a few years now; the 1st time I went out, I caught 7 pirates. When Dee calls with a gig I am always ready to go, I know two things are going to
1. I am going to bust some bars engaged in illegal activity
2. I am going to make some decent money for the night
I also get a personal satisfaction from the fact that some of these bars will be closing and when a bar that was a detriment to the community is closed, the community as a whole is better off, to me, as a law enforcement officer, it is a win, win situation.

Jeff Mallow, Law Enforcement
Miami Dade, FL

I worked with Audit Masters for several years. As the company grew and the number of pirates increased, some events paid better than others, but overall it was always worthwhile going out to find and catch Pirates

P. Bittner
League City, TX PD

Anytime Audit Masters calls on me to provide coverage, I say yes. If it was not worthwhile I would not do it, but it is.

W. Murray
NYC Sheriffs Dept

The first time I went out for Dee, I made money!!!

E. Morales
Evanston, IL PD

I have been working as regional coordinator for Dee and Audit Masters for several years, they keep stealing it, we keep catching them.

Detective Adame
Raymondville ,TX PD

Working anti-piracy with Audit Masters is a profitable enterprise that we always look forward to.

S. Herskovic, Agency owner
Philadelphia, PA

We have been working anti-piracy with Dee and Audit Masters for several years; we find that the few hours we are out on the street are always worth the time and effort.

S. Campbell P. I.
Las Vegas, NV