You can maximize your success by using tools available to you.

All you need is a cell phone that can capture video. Requirements for qualifying video are here.

Once you have determined the area you will cover, about a week prior to the event, start to be on the look out for trailer or marquee signs that will say “watch the fight with us on Saturday,” or “Jones vs Smith here on Saturday.” Make a note of those locations and then check them against your legal list when you receive them.

People on twitter love to tweet. They love to answer questions. Tweet something like this “where can I see the fight in #yourtown #boxing” on the day of the event and you’re likely to get leads.

Follow the facebook pages of your local sports teams. On or shortly before the event, post on your own page or on the page that might be interested in the fight something like “I want to go see the fight, but I don’t want to bring my girl to Hooters. You know anyone showing the fight?” People will help you if it’s as easy as expressing their local knowledge.

Go old school, get out your yellow pages (or google) and call bars in your territory and ask “are you guys showing the fight tonight?”. If they say yes, make sure they’re not on either legal list and put them on the list of places to visit. If they say no, it doesn’t mean they’re not pirating the signal – they just may not want to tell you over the phone. Always ask if they know of another other places showing the event.